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Fri, Aug 8Motley Crue with Alice Cooper
Fri, Aug 8REO Speedwagon and Chicago
Tue, Aug 12Boston with April Wine and Sweet
Fri, Aug 15Steely Dan
Sat, Aug 16Rod Stewart and Santana
Sun, Aug 24ZZ Top and Jeff Beck
Thu, Aug 28Kiss and Def Leppard
Thu, Sep 4The Moody Blues
Fri, Sep 5The Moody Blues
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A Few Moments with Rawkdog

What was your first car?

    A 1980 olive green Roadrunner with a 440 engine, 6 pack carburetor and Hurst shifter.  I owned it for about 3 hours as it was totaled sitting out front of my folks house the day I got it.


What was your first concert?

    Whoa, saw Herb Albert & The Tijuana Brass in Iowa on a Friday and Three Dog Night at the old Kiel Auditorium in St. Louis the next night.

Best and worst concert moments?

    Easily the worst was a band called the Clones opening for Gary Numan in Chicago and a close second was when Zakk Wylde was playing with the Alleman Brothers Band at Riverport in St. Louis.  Love Zakk's playing and BLS but he did not work on stage with ABB.  Best moments...lots including Black Country Communion at the Pageant, Rammstein at the Pageant, Genesis at the Checkerdome, the Jackson's at Arrowhead Stadium, Pink Floyd at Kemper Auditorium, Queen and Thin Lizzy tour, Toto at River Casino and Jeff Beck at the Fox Theatre.  I have pretty well seen everyone I wanted to see and met most of them too.

Name a CD you play regularly that most of your friends would not think you would listen to.

    Brian Hughes, "Straight To You", Pat Metheny Group, "Still Life Talking", the Grassroots, "ABC Dunhill Years" and Chicago II.  My tastes fun from Jazz to AC.

Vinyl, CD or MP3, which do you prefer?

    Vinyl has the warmest sound and there is nothing like the smell of a new album jacket just opened.

Your most famous brush with a musical icon?

    Have almost to many to mention, but hanging out and drinking champagne with Robert Palmer, sitting with Brian Johnson of AC/DC until he had to catch a plane, giving Keith Richards a light for his cigarette in KC and meeting Rush backstage in St. Louis.

What band have you yet to see that you wish you could have?

    Just crossed one of my main ones off last year seeing Toto in August in St. Louis, would have loved to seen Hendrix and of course The Beatles.  Would also enjoy seeing King Crimson do a reunion tour.

How far have you driven to see a live show, and what was the venue?

    Multiple times to Chicago, Dream Theater and Dixie Dregs at the Aragon Ballroom, the G32 tour with Satriani, Vai and Eric Johnson also at the Aragon Ballroom and Pink Floyd at the United Center.

When I am not on the air I am usually....

    Watching B movies on satellite or the Western Channel.  I also can be found on my Xbox 360 on some early mornings.  I have also recently started liking nature and appreciating the changes of the seasons.  It is art in the purest form.

What do you think of the music business today?

    Technology has swallowed up some great and talented people.  The art of the great song writer and performer is dying out, as software covers mistakes from performers who can not play or sing without it.  Some do not even realize that ther 800 song MP3 player has songs with a 70% compression rate and do not hear what they are missing.  One on one has always been from turn table to amp to speakers to my ear...can't beat it for quality and I will take my Sherwood Amp and JBL speakers against most any day.



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